Sambo as Chipper

Other than not playing professional baseball in 2013, what do Sam and Chipper Jones have in common?


They both give shitty motivational speeches.  #truthbomb


The original #Launch, which started the massive, worldwide trend:



Introducing a new trend - Launching


Awesome Item of the Week: Turkey Day Edition

On Thanksgiving, we reflect on the awesome things in our life for which we are thankful. It is a special time for families to remember the bonds that unite them and the many blessing that they share. And, of course, to feast on turkey, stuffing, cranberries, pies, and many other treats. All with football on in the background.

Today we take a moment out to salute Thanksgiving day football as our Awesome Item of the Week.

We love the awesome line up of games provided by the NFL, particularly this year, that acts as a backdrop for our day of thanks. What more would we want to do on Turkey Day than get stuffed and watch football?

In providing us with a perfect amount of entertainment on Thanksgiving, isn't the NFL doing the exact opposite of the NBA, which is still mired in its long lockout? In short, the NFL is promoting awesomeness; the NBA is not.

So, on Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the NFL and its slate of awesome holiday games. Happy Thanksgiving!

Office Hoops

Like many employees, my days at the office are split between meetings, email correspondence, telephone calls, frantic dashes of productivity, and some procrastination. It is a rather typical mix, I think, to most employees.

Until recently...

A few weeks ago, my office was moved across the building. I spent a few days exploring the new space, and in the this exploration, checked out the area behind the building's south entrance. That is where I found this:

It was, to put it midly, a staggering discovery. I started to discuss the newfound hoop with other longtime employees, and I discovered that the hoop was like its own version of Fight Club. Those in the know did not discuss it; they simply enjoyed it. What's the first rule of office hoops? Don't talk about office hoops.

Now my days are filled with meetings, email correspondence, telephone calls, frantic dashes of productivity, and jump shots, layups, and rebounds. Since my discovery of Office Hoops, I have been more productive at work, as I use my free time out back at the hoop. I have been happier to come to the office for obvious reasons, and I have newfound respect for my company.

All of this begs the question, shouldn't more companies promote awesomeness in this way?

I would answer, but I have already said too much.